Foods served during iftar in Ramadhan

Stay energetic during ramadhan with spirulina

Stay energetic during ramadhan with spirulina

A lot of us look forward to ramadhan, and welcome this holy month as a time for spiritual healing. But, our daily activities still go on as usual, so it’s very important to maintain a healthy and balanced diet so we can sustain our energy levels throughout the day. Believe it or not, the nutrient-rich superfood, spirulina, is a perfect ramadhan companion for our sahoor and iftar. Here’s why:

Spirulina keeps us full throughout the day

Unlike sugary meals that can leave us feeling hungry soon after, spirulina is a natural source of protein and fiber, and when these nutrients work together, they keep you feeling full for longer, helping you manage hunger throughout the day. Plus, the protein and slow-digesting carbohydrates in spirulina provide a steady stream of energy, preventing those dreaded afternoon slumps during your fast.

Spirulina helps us avoid overeating during iftar

After a long day of fasting, it is hard to not overeat during iftar. But good news – spirulina nutrient profile may help you regulate your appetite and reduce cravings, allowing you to make healthier food choices and control your appetite during iftar.

We can add spirulina into our foods

The best part about adding fresh spirulina to your ramadhan diet? You can easily incorporate it into various dishes! Unlike tablets or capsules (which you might forget about after a heavy meal), fresh and dehydrated spirulina is versatile. You can easily incorporate it into various dishes because of its mild flavour that won’t overpower your food.

How much spirulina should I take?

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