Fresh raw Spirulina

Fresh Raw Spirulina

Fresh Raw Spirulina

What is Fresh Raw Spirulina?

    • Fresh Raw Spirulina is a rich source of amino acids, antioxidants (Phycocyanin, Carotenoid, etc.), raw vegan protein, vitamins, and essential nutrients because it’s RAW and unprocessed.

What is the shelf life of this product?

    • The shelf life of this fresh raw spirulina product is approximately 7 to 10 days when stored in the refrigerator (1°C to 5°C) but could last for 15 days under certain conditions, as it is a raw product without any preservatives. Similar to other fresh products like vegetables, meat, and poultry, it is important to consume it within the stated shelf life to ensure optimal nutrient absorption and retain its full freshness. However, please note that to maintain the freshness of the Spirulina, it is important to avoid double scooping with the same spoon or using your fingers to scoop it out, as this can impact its freshness. Using a clean spoon for each serving helps preserve the Spirulina’s quality.

How to consume this product?

    • To consume fresh raw spirulina, you can:
      • Eat it raw: Our fresh raw Spirulina can be eaten directly, providing a convenient and wholesome option for a quick and nutrient-dense bite. You can enjoy the Spirulina as is, without any additional preparation, to fully experience its distinct taste and texture while benefiting from its nutritional value.
      • Incorporate into Recipes: You can incorporate fresh raw spirulina into various recipes. Add it to smoothies, juices, or shakes for a nutritious boost. It can also be blended into sauces, dips, or dressings for added nutritional value. Visit our recipes page to find out how to incorporate frozen spirulina into your cooking.
      • Enjoy as a Topping: Mix fresh raw spirulina with salads, yogurt, or cereal to enhance the nutritional profile of your meals.
      • Experiment: Feel free to experiment with fresh raw spirulina in different recipes and dishes to find your preferred way of consumption. Be mindful of its potent flavor and adjust the quantity to suit your taste preferences.

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Fresh raw Spirulina

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